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  • “It’s hard to believe Fortis Amor is a one-man project when you hear the soaring melodies and tight songwriting on the progressive metal outfit’s third, self-titled, release.”
  • “Fortis Amor is a pretty damn cool solo project dabbling in progressive metal… look no further. Fortis Amor has what you need.”
  • “With one listen, it’s clear that the different styles and influences on Fortis Amor quite literally transcend any recent metal trend defined by a period of time.”
  • Metal Temple review = 9/10 “This is a very well-done work, incredibly by a single musician. It’s definitely on the harder, heavier and darker side of Progressive Metal, with plenty of Death Metal elements, but composer Ryan Duke also has a flair for the sublime, and how to connect many different sounds, melodies and atmospheres, in order to create a palate of fanciful arrangements. It’s complex, layered and sophisticated, but completely listenable at the same time. Don’t let this release fly under your radar.”
  • “Not only is the music mind-blowingly amazing, the vocals are irreproachable. His clean voice is filled with power and emotion, his scream is just as strong, though on the opposite end of the spectrum. One thing that’s truly inspiring about the record is its ability to swing from one emotional path to another… he can most definitely write the hell out of a song… It’s rare that one man can come along and write, record, produce, mix, and master his musical vision with such precision.”
  • Dead Rhetoric review = 8/10 “…serving up just the right amount of balance between melody and aggression… it’s clear with the time spent and intricacies involved that Fortis Amor is something worth seeking out. This is progressive metal that can appeal to a wide breadth without compromising its vision.”