“Experience Progressive Metal Like You Never Have Before Through The Musical Embrace Of Fortis Amor.”

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Be drawn into a course of elegant movement and dynamic fury. Each piece developing into the next until you’ve ascended the auditory zenith. And you will still want more. 

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Check out what others are saying about Fortis Amor!

Chad Shellabarger (Dead Poetic – Solid State Records) – “I am really impressed by the musicianship. I really enjoyed that every song has its own vibe and that each song doesn’t sound alike. I really liked that I could anticipate that each song would have something creative and new to look out for.  Very impressed!”

Tom Hess (Rhapsody of Fire, Hess Band) – “Fortis Amor’s ‘Passage’ is a unique combination of interesting wide open spacious soundscapes intertwined with aggressive edgy hard rock groves.  Killer avant-garde metal and electronic based music.”

Shawn Seippel (Symphony In Peril – Facedown Records) – “each song brings with it an emotional soundtrack orchestrating the writers story.”