Lyrics Pages Up & Album Release Update

There are now lyrics pages up for both EP’s. Click the links below to read the lyrics.

Passage Lyrics

Seismic Lyrics

The full length album lyric page will get posted as soon as the album is available online. 9 of the 10 songs have lyrics. Speaking of the album… everything is ready to go, just getting merch and some other stuff in line before announcing the release date and pre-order packages. Album teaser video will be out soon, plus singles lyrics videos. Make sure to follow Fortis Amor on Facebook and Instagram. The Instagram account is new, so head over there now and start following by clicking the links below.

Fortis Amor official Facebook page

Fortis Amor official Instagram


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Album Update: Recording is finished!

After quite a few long breaks in the middle of recording, it is finally finished. I am extremely happy with the whole thing. There is no filler. Every song got as much attention as it needed to be what I envisioned it to be and honestly they all exceeded that. It’s funny how music takes form. The process of writing and recording the album has been very strange. I would never do it this way again, but it turned out how I wanted it to. Next time will be WAY quicker.

I have begun the mixing process and one song is done. It won’t be long now.

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Lyric Page Coming Soon Amongst Other Elements Of Interest

Been getting this website back in order after it being in limbo for quite a long time. I will add news and bloggish stuff which can be found on the blog page. I will likely be found on social media.

I have realized the lyrics are not online anywhere or at least not easy to find if they are. So, I think it is my duty to at least make sure they are here. I will also from time to time add some stories about the songs and the lyrics if you are being good. 🙂

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