Fortis Amor is the solo music of Ryan Duke. Ryan is an entrepreneur and guitar teacher in Seattle, WA.

The “Passage” EP came in May 2009. This was the beginning of Fortis Amor. It is 7 songs of progressive metal, experimental electronica, ambiance, and passion.

In 2012 Ryan collaborated with 10 other artists, producers, and studio musicians to develop a compilation CD called “Songs of the Phoenix.” “Diadem”, a moving prog-metal piece was FA’s contribution. Ryan also did drum programming for Jake Boyce’s prog-metal song, “Enthroned.”

In 2012 the “Seismic” single was released with “Diadem” as a bonus song. Available on this site or at

2013 will also be the release of FA’s first full length album with is planned to be self titled. It will be a more consistent is style and approach, but still contain all the dynamics and colors. There is also going to be around 15 guest musicians, that will appear on the album.